Sound Crest Studios

Providing Recording, Visual, and Mobile Audio Productions

Sound Crest Studios

116 Roberta Drive

Hendersonville, TN 37075





Welcome To Sound Crest Studios!



Sound Crest Studios is located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee in the heart of Hendersonville.

This facility is optimized to record and mix onto one of the best recording platforms around, Pro Tools 8!

Sound Crest Control Room 


This studio is wired from top to bottom with Mogami wiring, and includes an extensive microphone collection ranging from Shure to this impressive Neumann mic array! 

neumann mic array


The studio includes a Kawai Grand Piano, and Pearl Master Series Maple Shell Drum kit complete with Paiste cymbals!  Plug-ins such as Bomb Factory, Drumagog, and Auto-tune, combined with excellent outboard gear from Joe Meek, Grace, Lexicon, and more give this studio some bang for the buck! 

Kawaii Grand Piano Pearl Drum Kit

We also offer mobile audio services for events such as weddings, birthdays, disco's and more!

Bride and Groom

Whatever sound you are looking for, Sound Crest has you covered!